Sunday, June 10, 2018

Field Day!

Field day was fun and we get to do really fun relays,log carry,running,hurdles,monkey drag,water fun,delicious bass,jump rope,sack,tug of fun.some brought blankets and water bottles. Some people wrapped themselves up in blankets and they brought sweatshirts because it was really chilly. We got to play with our classmates and it was fun. It was also very competitive. Field day was really fun!
By MC and J Y

Friday, June 8, 2018

Robinson Woods

Our class traveled into the deep dark forest.
We went place to place in the forest.
We met cute , gross but interesting animals!
We met a women in the forest from Cape Land Trust that helped us understand
about all the animals and helped us study them.

We played a lot of unique games including a game where some kids were deer
and others were resources. Then we walked back through the deep dark forest
until we saw light again!! (Yaaaaa!)
By: AM & AS